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1st June 2022

May Changelog - Guides, Enhancements and more

Welcome to the May changelog, this has been a busy month of releases, iterations and many new faces migrating production workloads from Heroku to Northflank!

Will and Cameron sat down with the Kata Containers team to talk about how Northflank leverages Kata, KVM and sandbox isolation to securely operate our multi-tenant infrastructure. https://medium.com/kata-containers/kata-containers-northflank-case-study-6ff0ce17bfd1


This month we were excited to welcome Jesbin and Amit to the Northflank guides blog, thank you for your contributions and excited to work together on more deployment guides!

May’s improvements and fixes:

  • Added force certificate re-generation button in the UI
  • Added volume configuration during service creation
  • Added additional DNS purge when a custom domain is linked to a service
  • Added quotes correctly to original Docker CMD when copying
  • Added additional shortlinks to add new Git integrations in areas listing VCS data
  • Added support for reaping zombie processes which are not always properly cleaned up by applications spawning child processes. This also fixes RabbitMQ restarting due to accumulation of zombie processes created when running health checks
  • Fixed distributed MinIO addons failing during startup phase in some circumstances
  • Fixed Buildpack builds relating to CVE-2022-24765
  • Fixed cursor hiding text when configuring alias in addon secret group
  • Fixed termination signalling for containers. Containers are now being sent a SIGTERM signal before being terminated. This allows the workload to intercept the exit signal and shut down properly before final termination
  • Fixed clock drift within sandboxed containers that led to deviating system time in different containers
  • Fixed an issue with service creation from template where a build would not be initiated automatically
  • Fixed inconsistent addon upgrade icons and added shortcut to upgrades page
  • Fixed issue where jobs deploying from a build service that were set to run on image change would sometimes fail to run after a build was completed
  • Improved performance for fetching user version control data (repositories, branches, pull requests)
  • Improved handling of xterm when a browser window is resized for terminal and exec
  • Improved handling for copying and paste for terminal and exec
  • Improved Postgres addon startup times using optimised probe settings
  • Correctly display usage in years for invoice item breakdowns
  • Improved handling of sudo mode when loading secret files and other secrets
  • Improved validation triggers for branch option selection, port duplication, and health-checks
  • Removed health checks from project quick starts

API, JS-client and CLI:

  • Run Job endpoint now optionally takes a billing object with a deployment plan to override the current deployment plan for a single job run
  • Get Job runs and Get Job details endpoints now return concludedAt, the timestamp when the run has concluded
  • Fixed an issue where creating a service could sometimes return an error code despite the creation being successful

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