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By Thomas Smyth

Published 1st June 2022

Deploy Wiki.js on Northflank

Wiki.js is a free powerful and extensible open-source wiki software that makes writing documentation a joy through its beautiful and intuitive interface. This guide will show you how to deploy Wiki.js on Northflank using their public Docker image and a Postgres database to store data across restarts.
  1. Create a new Postgres addon.

    • Choose the storage size according to your needs, it can be increased later if your storage needs change.

    Deploy Wiki.js on Northflank, Postgres addon creation

  2. Create a new secret group.

    1. Add the following keys and assign them the respective values.

    2. Link the following variables from the Postgres addon created in the previous step and assign them the respective aliases.

      Variable nameAlias

      Secret group creation to deploy Wiki.js on Northflank

  3. Create a new deployment service with the following configuration:

    1. Under deployment, select external image with the path requarks/wiki:latest.

    2. Under resources, it’s recommended to use plan nf-compute-50 or larger to ensure appropriate app performance.

    • Port 3000 will automatically be detected from the image manifest and will be exposed with the HTTP protocol.

      Service creation to deploy Wiki.js on Northflank

  4. Wait for the Wiki.js instance to start up and open the web interface by clicking on the link in the top right corner of your service.

    • It will take approximately a minute for the Wiki.js instance to start up.

  5. On the web interface you will be prompted to enter some information to complete the Wiki.js installation process. Once you have completed the installation process, you will be able to start configuring and adding content to your wiki.

    Wiki start page once deployed on Northflank

If you encounter any issues while following this guide we're happy to assist you with your Wiki.js deployment at support@northflank.com. At Northflank we also have dedicated support plans for business customers.

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