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28th April 2023

Addon Features, Performance Enhancements, and Volume Cleanup

  • Added additional supported features per addon type via API:

    "features": {
      "backupsDump": false,
      "customDBName": false,
      "forkAddon": true,
      "importDump": true,
      "importLive": true,
      "scaleReplicas": false,
      "tls": true,
      "externalAccess": true
  • Added a prompt to trigger a build after configuration changes on a build service

  • Added feedback shortcut and dedicated URL: https://app.northflank.com/s/account/feedback for increased accessibility

  • Added fallback values on undefined metric series values to ensure graphs are rendered correctly

  • Added option for team members to skip project creation during onboarding to get started more quickly

  • Added ability to delete mounted services volumes via an opt-in checkbox during service deletion

  • Added ability to delete all sub-resources at once via an opt-in checkbox during project deletion

  • The UI will now correctly inherit the last project and team context from local storage

  • Fixed a bug that was causing logs and metrics to get stuck in an indefinite loading state under certain circumstances

  • Improved log search and tailing to use a more accurate timestamp to ensure all logs are returned for the lifetime of container(s) in all circumstances.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Github link to fail when a user was missing an OAuth link for a linked VCS team

  • Fixed incorrect sorting of instance list by status

  • Improved readability of text on health-check tooltips

  • Fixed a bug that caused occasional crashing when renaming a resource's title

  • Several performance optimisations have been applied to the application:

    • Dropdowns are now virtualised when over 20 items are present
    • Project modal and list sector are now virtualised
    • Filter and sorting of project subscriptions is now handled server-side
    • Added additional subscriptions for paged project lists and a full project view
    • Enhanced container subscriptions for pipelines when many resources are managed per stage
    • Addons and service container subscriptions are now only listening to resources currently visible
  • Released new versions of the JS Client and CLI. This release is laying important infrastructure for further improvements to logging and metrics usage via CLI. Please update using the packages below:

  • New guide walking through log sinks and Logz.io here

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