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8th June 2023

Introducing Autoscaling

We are thrilled to release autoscaling, a powerful feature designed to automate resource management and ensure optimal performance of your deployments. Automatically handle fluctuations in traffic by adjusting the number of instances based on demand, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

With autoscaling on Northflank, you can expect:

Seamless Horizontal Scaling

Automatically scale up the number of instances for your deployment. Northflank’s load-balancers intelligently distribute incoming traffic across multiple instances, and ensure a smooth experience for your users during traffic fluctuations.

Right-Sized Workloads

Set your desired minimum and maximum number of instances to optimise resource allocation and control costs. No more over provisioning.

Intelligent Triggering Mechanisms

Trigger autoscaling based on CPU and memory thresholds, or both, to precisely respond to changes in usage patterns.

Responsive Provisioning

Our autoscaling mechanism evaluates your deployment every 15 seconds to determine the appropriate scaling action. By considering the average usage across all instances, we ensure the correct number of instances are provisioned for your workload at any given time.

Stability and Reliability

Autoscaling takes into account a moving 5-minute window of checks, preventing rapid capacity reduction due to short-term drops in activity. This ensures stability and avoids unnecessary churn and fluctuations in your deployment's capacity.

Getting Started

Autoscaling enables teams to strike a balance between traffic spikes, performance, and cost on all paid projects. To get started with autoscaling, simply navigate to the advanced resource options in your service's resource page or during the deployment creation process. You can check out the full documentation here.

Have feedback, questions, or suggestions? Please reach out through our contact page or other direct channels. We’d love to hear from you!

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Happy Scaling!

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