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5th March 2024

Platform December 2023 Release

This update introduces significant enhancements and fixes across templates, addons, and miscellaneous features. Template improvements include autosave functionality, usability enhancements, and performance optimizations. Addons see improved probe performance for PostgreSQL, better UI information for Redis, and fixes for backup and restart functionalities. Miscellaneous updates include CDN integration, improved navigation and metrics display, expanded variable management, and onboarding improvements. Additionally, there are fixes for CLI login, deployment configurations, and user interface issues, contributing to a more stable and user-friendly experience.


  • The template editor now autosaves recent changes for restoration if the page is exited without saving.
  • Usability improvements in the template editor.
  • Fixed deployment issues for jobs created from templates via version control.
  • Enhanced UX for Build source nodes in previews, especially for services from different repositories.
  • Corrected resource link issues in Release flow runs.
  • Template nodes visually indicate the 'Wait for completion' setting.
  • Switching between node form and code view retains current changes.
  • Simplified deployment from build source nodes in preview templates.
  • Addressed performance issues in the template run view, preventing page crashes.
  • Fixed page crashes on the template Start build node.
  • Resolved Deploy build node failures in release flow templates when using references.
  • Templates and API now support CIDR notation for IP addresses.
  • Added reuse of existing builds in release flow build nodes.
  • Performance improvements in template run views.
  • Expanded argument support in template fields.


  • Fixed addon creation issues when switching types.
  • Enhanced probe performance for PostgreSQL High Availability.
  • Detailed UI information for Redis addons with Sentinel enabled.
  • Fixed addon Import backup page crashes caused by pasting connection strings.
  • Enabled creation of hourly and daily addon backups of different types.
  • Resolved double pod restarts when restarting an addon.
  • Corrected scheduled addon backup compression type settings.
  • Improved UI for PostgreSQL High Availability with component connection overviews.
  • PostgreSQL fixes to support Supabase integration.


  • Introduced CDN integrations.
  • Resolved issues with the multiplayer navigation pop-up.
  • Improved metrics graphs display in the All instances view.
  • Enhanced display of region information for easier selection.
  • Corrected display of team owner information.
  • Deleted BYOC clusters no longer show components as ready.
  • Expanded list of Northflank managed variables in the environment variable editor.
  • Fixed CLI login issues.
  • Increased visibility of job status on small screens.
  • Addressed registry credentials editor validation issues at page load.
  • Deployment plan information now available on instance hover.
  • Restricted navigation menu items are now hidden for insufficient permissions.
  • Deployment storage SHM-size is configurable.
  • SSO login now correctly redirects to the user page.
  • Fixed loading issues in the Deploy build modal for deployment services.
  • Added Tailscale sidecar support and options to disable service mesh and MTLS.
  • Improved user onboarding for a smoother transition from account creation to first service.
  • Corrected display issues in the secret file editor and base64 encoded content.
  • Fixed validation issues in the port importer for unique port names.
  • Resolved file path build rule issues causing unnecessary build triggers.

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