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5th December 2023

Introducing Navigation V2

We’re excited to launch a completely overhauled navigation experience in the Northflank platform! These changes make it quicker and easier to understand where you are and get to where you need to be in the UI.

The context and project selectors have been condensed into a sleeker layout, and the resource navigation has been relocated from the sidebar to the top of the page with the rest of the navigation. This keeps everything together in one place, so it’s simpler to understand and easier to use.

Additionally, the resource navigation bar is now hidden when you are not inside a project. Previously, navigating to resources could be confusing when you had not selected a project yet.

The primary navigation also now includes an account menu, regardless of which context you have selected. This means that you can always see which account you are logged into and can jump straight to your primary user settings even if you are viewing a team context.

Finally, there are a number of other small tweaks that should make the navigation experience more pleasant. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Additional New Features

  • You can now set a subdomain to wildcard mode to redirect all traffic for a domain to a single port. This is helpful in cases where the domain prefix can be dynamic.

  • You can now import a new certificate to an existing domain if that domain was created using another imported certificate.

  • Added new versions for all addon types:

    • MongoDB®: 5.0.21, 6.0.10, 7.0
    • Redis®*: 6.2.13, 7.2.1
    • MinIO™: 2023.9.7
    • MySQL™: 8.0.34, 8.1.0
    • RabbitMQ®: 3.10.25, 3.11.23, 3.12.4
    • Postgres®: 11.21.0, 12.16.0, 13.12.0, 14.9.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Restricted mode for GitLab integrations where repositories in GitLab subgroups were not accessible when the main group was selected.
  • Fixed an issue for mobile users where branches could not be selected in the Edit deployment modal.
  • Importing a MongoDB database from a connection string no longer displays an error when multiple hostnames are provided.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to create an addon with a backup schedule via the CLI would fail.
  • Optimised log lookback period to speed up query for long running / terminated workloads.
  • When creating a new build, linked deployment services no longer appear to have no current build.

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