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19th May 2023

CNAME Chaining and Performance Enhancements

Platform enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Added support for CNAME chaining with custom domains to make bulk import of custom domains easier
  • Improved performance to domains page to better handle teams with 100s of domains
  • Added edit mode for subdomains
  • Increased speed of database queries and pub/sub for job runs when loading pages with >1000 job runs
  • Reduced load times for projects with >100 resources (services, jobs, addons and secret groups)
  • Fixed issue where Dockerfiles failed to load on the Build options page for some combined services using GitLab and Bitbucket.
  • Enhanced ability to rapidly recreate recently deleted addons with the same name. This should be helpful when working with preview environments.
  • Fixed an error with Team API permission scoping that previously allowed team members to make requests against another project without permissions in certain circumstances
  • Updated Luxembourg and Portugal tax rates
  • Fixed issue that prevented loading of logs and metrics for deployments with long names
  • Fixed issue that caused addon backup schedules to be unset by template spec if undefined
  • Updated the Fig Northflank spec https://fig.io/manual/northflank https://github.com/withfig/autocomplete/pull/1953

Update on last week’s *code.run Google security outage:

On May 11th around 10:44 UTC, notice of 2 malicious subdomains caused Google’s Safe Browsing to mistakenly mark all subdomains of .code.run as dangerous. Although the malicious domains were immediately removed, this action affected thousands of .code.run domains. Affected customers have already been notified, and the scope of this issue primarily impacted development environments. We were back online within 2 hours and have partnered closely with the folks at Google to ensure that code.run is now flagged so that only malicious subdomains are impacted if similar circumstances arise in the future. We’d like to thank all the affected customers for their patience and assistance in sending unblock requests en masse.

Updates to Documentation:

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