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9th November 2020

Health Checks, Port Detection & Network Security

Configurable health checks

You can now configure health checks on Northflank, with support for readiness and liveness probes. Health checks ensure zero-downtime deployments and automatic replacement of unhealthy instances.

Health Checks

Automatic port detection

Northflank fetches all ports exposed in a built Docker image automatically, or recursively from a Dockerfile added in your version control. We then configure your load-balancing automatically. This helps if you are unsure about the Dockerfile or if you don't know on which port(s) the application runs.

Automatic Port Detection

Networking security

Secure your services with IP Policies & Basic Authentication and configure them for one or multiple exposed ports in your deployment:

  • Allow or block certain IP addresses or CIDR blocks
  • Configure username and password combinations to restrict access to your endpoints
  • Compose these security rules together to enable security in-depth, for example allowing access from a specific VPN and certain user credentials

Docker CMD override

We have added the ability to override the CMD of the Docker image in your deployment with a helpful interface giving you more observability over how your containers start.

Docker CMD Override

Advanced job controls

We have added advanced job settings so you now control the number of retries, the concurrency policy and the maximum runtime duration.

Advanced Job Controls

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