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7th December 2020

Supporting Self-hosted GitLab

Teams can now add their self-hosted instances of GitLab to Northflank in addition to the SaaS offerings of GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.

To get started, create a new application in your self-hosted GitLab instance. Enter the application name, select the API scope and paste the redirect URI as https://app.northflank.com/api/integrations/git/finalize.

Then navigate to your team on Northflank and select Add a self-hosted VCS under Team Settings - Integrations - Git. Choose your name, enter your GitLab URL and paste application ID and secret from the created application.

Link GitLab to Northflank

Once added, you can use your self-hosted GitLab to create combined or build services and jobs:

  • During service or job creation, select your self-hosted GitLab from the dropdown
  • Continuous Integration will build your code on every push
  • With build services, you can build merge requests and branches
  • You can add multiple self-hosted GitLab instances to your account

🎉 Here is an example of a successfully deployed and running NodeJS Express app:

NodeJS running on Northflank

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