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14th December 2020

Northflank API Client

You can now leverage the full capabilities of the Northflank API using our Node.js and JavaScript API client. Full typing support is available for TypeScript.

Install the Northflank API client using npm i @northflank/js-client or yarn add @northflank/js-client. You will need to create an API token in your user or team account. Full API documentation is available here.

Use the following import statement to include it in your project

import ApiClient, { ApiClientInMemoryContextProvider } from '@northflank/js-client';

Initialise the API client

(async () => {
    // Create context to store credentials
    const contextProvider = new ApiClientInMemoryContextProvider();
    await contextProvider.addContext({
        name: 'test-context',
        token: '<api-token>', // Use API token generated in the Northflank UI
    // Initialize API client
    const apiClient = new ApiClient(contextProvider);

Create a new project

await apiClient.endpoints.create.project.call({
		quiet: true,
		payload: { name: 'test-project', region: 'europe-west' },
// => New project test-project created

List all projects

const projects = await apiClient.endpoints.list.project.call({ quiet: true });
		projects.response.map((project) => `${project.name} ${project.internalId}`)
// => Listed all projects successfully

Create a combined service

const combinedServiceCreationResponse = await client.endpoints.create.combinedService
    project: 'default-project',
    payload: {
      name: 'My awesome combined service',
        'A combined service created with the Northflank API Client',
      billing: { deploymentPlan: 'micro' },
      deployment: { instances: 1 },
      vcsData: {
        projectUrl: '<https://github.com/northflank/my-project.git>',
        projectType: 'github',
        dockerFilePath: '/app/Dockerfile',
        dockerWorkDir: '/app',
        projectBranch: '/feature/changelog',
      ports: [
          name: 'port-1',
          internalPort: 3000,
          public: true,
          protocol: 'HTTP',
  .catch((err) => err.message);
// => Created a combined service with ID my-awesome-combined-service

Scaling a service

const scaleServiceResponse = await client.endpoints.scale.service
    project: 'default-project',
    service: 'my-awesome-combined-service',
    payload: {
      instances: 10,
      deploymentPlan: 'large',
  .catch((err) => err.message);
// => Service scaled successfully

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