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25th January 2021

Northflank API & CLI Working in Unison

This week, we're excited to showcase the Northflank API & CLI working in parallel. We used our API to securely deploy a game server and connected to it using the Northflank CLI and TCP proxy - creating an example of infrastructure as data.
Check the video below to see this in action:

  • First, we create a new project in the Northflank UI and run an API call that creates a deployment service from an external Docker image itzg/minecraft-server:latest, exposing it on an internal port 25565
  • Once the service starts, we run a northflank forward CLI command that exposes the service locally
  • After the Minecraft server has spun up, we connect to it ready to start playing - you can see the logs coming up in real-time in the Northflank UI

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Domains Ports dropdown now only shows the relevant public entries
  • Improved handling of backup and restore of databases resulting in faster processing and fixed an issue with restoring database users and rights
  • Updated documentation context to cover newly added features
  • Updated MinIO connection strings to work for JS clients
  • Fixed a couple of frontend mobile view bugs
  • Fixed Edit Deployment modal crashing on internal services
  • Fixed a bug causing image verification to fail if it contained a numeric value
  • Fixed a bug causing log filtering by time range to fail
  • Fixed a bug causing docs search not loading found pages
  • Fixed a bug causing northflank forward CLI command to fail occasionally

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