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4th February 2021

Subdomain Verification and Billing Redesign

Adding custom subdomains

As we announced recently, we streamlined the process of adding and verifying custom domains. We have now also improved the Add domain modal that guides you through the process and automatically checks if the TXT verification record has been added.

Improved billing user interface

  • Compute plans are in a horizontal table view allowing you to easily compare resources and pricing
  • Resources page displays a price breakdown showing cost per hour, month and a selected number of replicas
  • The invoice list displays the status, date issued, invoice period and amount in a clearer layout
  • Other minor UI changes to improve the visibility of critical billing information
Billing page

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Added TLS certificate status to Account Settings - Domains page
  • Account Overview page now also shows self-hosted VCSs under Git integrations
  • CLI upgrade now gives more control over addons (you can now use commands such as import backup or pause addon)
  • Added filtering of MongoDB addon logs to hide health check connections being created to reduce noise

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