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26th February 2021

New Marketing Site, Improved DX and API Responses

We are excited to introduce our new marketing site! The experience is now more consistent with the Northflank platform, and it highlights Northflank's capabilities at a glance.

Developer Experience Improvements

  • Released a new version of the Northflank API client with 8 new endpoints
  • Redesigned docker image settings overview to be clearer and compact
  • Added a 'copy to clipboard' button for API tokens with a highlight of the last 4 digits
  • Improved UX of adding self-hosted VCS and you can now link directly to specific VCS setting modals

Other features & fixes

  • Added an option to pay invoices manually if the automatic payment fails or requires additional verification
  • Various improvements to API error responses for easier debugging
  • Fixed an issue causing relinking Git from Pipelines to fail
  • Fixed an issue with JSON view in Secrets sometimes rendering incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with container registry credentials sometimes not loading
  • Fixed an issue with GCR credentials verification failing in certain scenarios

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