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26th March 2021

Single Sign-On & Dynamic Project Selector

Login to your account using single sign-on for Google, GitHub, Gitlab and Bitbucket. You can enable and disable SSO for each provider in your Account Settings for increased security.


User Experience

  • 'Create new' button was redesigned to work without a selected project when adding services, jobs, addons, pipelines or secret groups - it now shows a list of all your projects for you to choose from
  • Code editors in the UI now change syntax highlights based on the selected theme

Other features & fixes

  • We improved onboarding for first-time users - guiding them to configure their settings, link Git and create their first project
  • Fixed an issue where a service couldn't be scaled vertically if configured to use spot resources
  • Fixed an issue where addon storage scaling would return slightly different sizes on different providers (e.g. requested 20000Mi leads to 20Gi, which is 20480Mi)

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