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16th April 2021

Extended GitHub Deployment Integration

We improved the GitHub integration to display Northflank combined services deploying your repositories in the GitHub UI. This is especially helpful when rapidly iterating and reviewing changes on feature branches. We will be evaluating this integration for deployment services over the coming weeks, too.

Other features & fixes

  • Docker registry credentials can now be updated without triggering restarts in affected services and jobs
  • Job cron schedule editor now shows the server's current time to ease scheduling
  • Added a Rust Nickel.rs repository to service templates
  • Added a confirmation modal before deleting team roles
  • Added a copy to clipboard button on basic auth credentials in network security rules
  • Fixed an issue where the role permission selector would not correctly display granted permissions if the form was disabled
  • Fixed an issue where the team admin role wouldn't have access to update domains by default
  • Fixed an issue where deleted ports would still appear as part of security rules
  • Fixed an issue where a build wouldn't start automatically after service creation in certain scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where 1Password would suggest creating a new password instead of filling out the existing one on password confirmation modals in the UI
  • Fixed an issue where the user would be redirected to a non-existing route on secondary tabs when finalising their account
  • Fixed an issue with assigning subdomains to a port via the API

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