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14th May 2021

Configurable Resource Data Grids

Lists across the Northflank UI are now user-configurable and have been upgraded to match the increased functionality of Northflank over the last 12 months. Resource data grids now give immediate observability of your projects and the status of your resources.

  • Alphabetic sort of the table by a selected key, sort by date or status
  • Filter content by a string search or select dropdown
  • Set your preference of which columns to display, hide, or sort by
  • Lists continue to work across all devices including mobile

Other features & fixes

  • Northflank now stores your last user/team context in local storage so when you open the UI again you can continue where you left off
  • Fixed an issue where a user/team switch popover would be inaccessible if viewport height is small
  • Fixed an issue where self-hosted VCS settings wouldn't display the application ID correctly
  • Fixed an issue where automatic port detection would display some private ports as public for some deployment services

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