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21st June 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Build logs now throw an explicit error if the Dockerfile couldn't be found
  • Small tweaks to the Billing and Resources UI
  • Fixed flickering of the Edit deployment modal when switching deployment source tabs
  • Fixed the project list not updating in real-time when restricting users from projects
  • Fixed real-time reloading of new branches, added refresh buttons for manual reload
  • Fixed an issue where some commits would be delayed by ca. 20 seconds before appearing in the UI
  • Fixed some Bitbucket commits not building automatically with CI enabled
  • Fixed commits showing as deployed before a build is completed
  • Fixed handling member removals if they linked their Git to the team
  • Fixed job durations and start times not displaying correctly sometimes
  • Fixed a form validation issue with the secrets dif editor
  • Fixed an error where backups could be created for addons that are still provisioning
  • Fixed crashing the instances page if all three health checks were added to the service
  • Fixed infinite loading on pages with deleted API tokens
  • Fixed issues with self-hosted VCS webhooks
  • Fixed occasional lagging of the Dockerfile editor

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