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26th July 2021

New Application Documentation

Today, we are pleased to release our new documentation experience - making it easier for you to quickly understand Northflank features and how to get started step-by-step.

  • Select between a dark and light theme to match your Northflank UI 🌓
  • Getting started is great when you're just starting out - it will guide you from setting up your account with Git and creating your first service, pipeline and all the way to deploying with custom domains
  • How-to guides help you configure your workloads in all stages of the DevOps workflow (Build, Run, Release, Observe and Scale) with in-line explanation and sane defaults, expanding on advanced topics such as addons (databases and persistent storage) or network security and encryption
  • API and CLI documentation provides an API reference to build applications integrated with Northflank - example code snippets are available for the Northflank CLI, JS client and API calls (curl, JavaScript, Python & Go)
  • Updated help popovers in the UI to reflect the new documentation
  • Improved fast search across both App and API docs 🔎

API Documentation

Other features & fixes

  • Create template repository services with GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab (including self-hosted instances) on both users and team accounts (previously only personal GitHub accounts were supported)
  • Added support for importing addon backups from links that require a redirect (e.g. Dropbox)
  • Added an explicit message if automatic port detection couldn't find any ports
  • Hovering on deployment services now highlights the linked build services on pipelines
  • Increased a feedback input limit to 1200 characters
  • Added a starter template for Rust
  • Added an option to add unlinked VCS via Git selection dropdowns rather than having to navigate to Account Settings
  • Fixed an issue where container icon and status sometimes wouldn't match
  • Fixed an issue where Docker Credentials couldn't be selected if the image path was missing or was copied and pasted into the modal
  • Fixed an issue where private images would sometimes be labeled as public in the UI
  • Fixed the instance selector not rendering on logs page while logs loading
  • Fixed pull requests showing 'invalid date' for the first couple of seconds in the UI
  • Fixed an issue where accepting a team invite via an email invitation link would fail

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