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2nd August 2021

Improved Pipelines, Teams and Jobs

  • Pipelines now display linked custom domains in addition to generated Northflank domains on each service card
  • Invite team members during team creation flow to get started quickly with your colleagues
  • Hover on build services in the pipelines sidebar displays the linked repository
  • Job runs UI now displays if the run was triggered by the cron schedule or triggered manually by the user

Custom domains on Pipelines

Other features & fixes

  • Added error codes and request body descriptions across all API calls
  • Environment variables are now always passed as strings to prevent accidental trimming/rounding when supplied as a number
  • Added support for displaying a company VAT ID in billing where applicable
  • Refund status is now reflected on refunded invoices in billing
  • The applicable VAT rate is displayed through current usage and invoice views
  • Saving service configurations now skips initiating a redeployment if no effective change was detected
  • Updated help popovers in addon connection details
  • Pressing Esc on help popovers now closes them
  • Improved cron job syntax checking to prevent multiple spaces
  • Improved handling when generating unique DNS identifiers preventing partial word generation
  • Fixed an issue where some GitHub organisation commits wouldn't load in the UI
  • Fixed an issue where the service list would crash after deleting some services

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