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9th August 2021

Enhanced API Responses & Build Rules

  • Added human-readable branch & pull requests rules that are generated from your regex input
  • Build service creation now automatically configures your repository’s default branch as a build rule

API Enhancements

  • Responses now return detailed metadata so they can be handled without additional queries
  • Added consistent upper case for endpoint names
  • Added dedicated get deployment endpoint schema
  • Changed public endpoints to be in line with authenticated endpoint responses
  • Fixed deployment service creation failing to read a property correctly
  • Fixed some endpoint responses not being formatted correctly (get deployment details, list regions, list plans)
// Sample 200 Response
  "data": {
    "external": {
      "imagePath": "nginx:latest",
      "registryProvider": "dockerhub",
      "privateImage": false
// Sample 400 Response
    "error": {
        "status": 400,
        "message": "Request failed payload validation - see details.",
        "id": "nf-invalid-request-body",
        "details": {
            "name": [
                "\"name\" is required. Received \"undefined\""

Other features & fixes

  • Tweaked service creation form for better user experience
  • Improved the user experience of automatic image path verification where a wrong path is pasted in
  • Added external links to commits so you can compare file changes and see details in the VCS UI
  • Fixed container bar not visible in solarized light theme
  • Fixed max-width on service headers which caused the re-deploy button to be hidden behind a CD toggle
  • Fixed advanced dropdowns displaying incorrectly in Firefox
  • Fixed issues where configuring CMD override couldn’t be removed or it would disappear from the image settings page
  • Fixed an issue where builds from GitLab repositories would fail if there were multiple commits in a short period of time
  • Fixed GitHub container registry credentials not verifying correctly
  • Fixed job list crashing occasionally where items are deleted
  • Fixed an issue where an error would be displayed if service creation was submitted via hitting Enter rather than clicking a button
  • Fixed an issue where repositories wouldn’t load correctly for self-hosted GitLab

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