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17th August 2021

Managed Upgrades for Databases and Storage

  • Addons can be upgraded between supported minor and major versions
  • Guaranteed valid upgrade path between deprecated and latest supported versions
  • Addons on deprecated/discontinued versions now display a visual indicator with a prompt to upgrade
  • If there are multiple upgrades available the user can select the desired version
  • A history of previous upgrades is available on the new Upgrade page
Addon Upgrade

Other features & fixes

  • Added a redirect after a resource is deleted to prevent displaying 404 pages
  • Improved dashboard alignment on smaller screen sizes
  • Improved validation formatting on the invite team members form
  • Updated Job and Service creation headers to be consistent
  • Moved Single Sign On into Account Settings from its dedicated page
  • Fixed an issue where Create service button would not be disabled on uncompleted forms
  • Fixed an issue where pull requests wouldn’t automatically get marked as closed in the UI for Bitbucket repositories
  • Fixed an issue where the new repository name would persist after changing VCS provider on service creation from template

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