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17th September 2021

Switch Target Git Branch for Continuous Integration and Validation & Build Status Improvements

We are excited to release support for switching the target Git branch in services via Build Options > Version control source settings. You now do not need to create a new service, pipeline or build service when you wish to simply change the branch. This was a highly requested feature and will improve the flexibility of our most accessible feature. In the future you will be able to change the Git repository.

  • Continuous integration and deployment settings will take effect on the new branch.
  • A new build will be automatically started for you if CI is enabled.
  • Builds from previous branches can still be deployed, however CI is limited to the active source branch.

Switching Git Source Branch

Other features & fixes

  • Added handling for password managers to only suggest password saving and autofill when relevant
  • API documentation now lists all possible values for enums
  • Updated service and job headers to display the current build status
  • Port detection now returns partial results instead of an empty array if the request times out
  • Improved server time displayed on Job settings to be updated in real-time
  • Improved duplicate detection and validation on environment variables and port editor forms
  • Fixed commit icon on Latest commits disappearing after commits are loaded
  • Fixed API returning 500 when creating an internal deployment service
  • Fixed an issue where changing cron job from external image to an existing build service would pause the job
  • Fixed an issue with MongoDB multi replica startup probe health check
  • Fixed an issue where revoking self-hosted GitLab to allow personal use wouldn’t reflect in the existing services

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