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6th October 2021

CLI Usage Improvements, More Documentation and Fixes

  • API: update service security rules endpoint is now embedded in the update service ports endpoint. JS-client (v0.4.0) and CLI (v0.6.0) have been updated accordingly.
  • JS-client (v0.4.0), CLI (v0.6.0): Simplification of get <resource> details endpoints. These endpoint can now be accessed without specifying details. E.g. get service, get addon
  • JS-client (v0.4.0): Use plural for all list commands. E.g. list.plan(..) becomes list.plans(..).


API Documentation

Other features & fixes

  • Improved automatic external image validation on paste and manual path edits
  • Fixed an issue where you would have to manually redeploy a service after setting Basic Auth rules
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a secret group would prompt you to enter your password again
  • Fixed an issue where loading builds on a service with self-hosted GitLab would cause the page to crash
  • Fixed issues where resuming deployment services with only private ports would fail and crash related pipelines
  • Fixed an issue where branches wouldn’t load for self-hosted repositories if used in a team
  • Fixed an issue where Dockerfile couldn’t be updated via the Northflank UI on repositories started from our templates

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