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22nd November 2021

Free Developer Projects

We are pleased to introduce free developer projects, removing barriers to entry with no risk of incurring cloud costs and providing access to the tools needed to build & release delightful software.

Everything is free within a developer project. Out of the gate you can create 2 services, 2 jobs and 1 database with generous resources.

This is perfect for building an MVP, allowing you to experiment and try Northflank before you commit to the platform, pun not intended. Limits can be lifted at any time with a project upgrade to scale into production and beyond.


  • health check endpoints now have an updated schema replacing some required parameters to be optional
  • Northflank CLI version 0.6.1 is available and can be installed using npm i @northflank/cli -g or yarn global add @northflank/cli.
    • Fixes dynamic selector for resource plans
    • Fixes error messages when using northflank forward
    • Reflects recent API changes

Other features & fixes

  • Added status fields to services and jobs to handle creating and deleting statuses
  • Updated our internal CMS to use Strapi for more dynamic content types
  • Improved search in teams and projects dropdown
  • Improved Redis connection strings to include TLS flag
  • Fixed an issue where some addons would get stuck in deletion state after billable resources had been removed due to networking configuration
  • Fixed ordering of PRs in pipeline build selector so recent PRs appear at the top
  • Fixed an issue where a repository would not link correctly to a service if created via API
  • Fixed an issue where boolean values in secret groups would render incorrectly in inherited services & jobs

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