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21st December 2021

Version Control and API Enhancements

We are excited to present the final changelog of 2021. Time certainly does fly when you're having fun and releasing weekly. Today's focus is on version control. We've increased flexibility with multiple provider links for teams and conditional builds based on what files have changed. In addition, powerful API endpoints have been added to make Northflank's Git integrations accessible via code.

Multiple version control links per provider

  • Teams can link multiple version control accounts from the same provider to their team account.
  • When creating a service or job from a version control repository, team members can access any of the repositories that any of the linked version control accounts can access.
  • If multiple accounts can access the same repository, you will get the option to select which version control account Northflank should use to access that repo. This can be changed later in the service or job’s Build options.
  • For Bitbucket, GitLab and self-hosted GitLab version control, each link can be configured individually to restrict access to specific contexts.
  • When creating a service or job from version control via the API, Northflank will pick a linked account that has access to that repo. If you wish to use a specific account link to access that repository, you can pass in a new argument accountLogin.
  • To support multiple version control links, the List VCS providers endpoint now returns an array of version control account links rather than each version control provider having a separate field.


Build path ignore rules

  • Combined services, build services and jobs building from version control support path ignore rules, which allow you to configure which files Northflank should watch for changes when building commits automatically. This is useful if you have a large monorepo containing multiple services.
  • Path ignore rules share the same syntax as a .gitignore file, allowing you to set up a list of file rules which Northflank should ignore.
  • If all the modified files in a commit match the build rules, the commit will not be built automatically.


Version Control API

  • Version control data that can be accessed via the UI is now accessible via the API.
  • There is a new endpoint for listing available repositories that can be filtered by version control provider and account login.
  • There is a new endpoint for listing the branches of a given repository.
  • There are new endpoints for services and jobs building from version control for listing the branches and pull requests of the repository they are building from.

Misc fixes

  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly relinking a version control account could cause other team or user namespaces using the same account to have issues connecting to version control.

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