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24th January 2022

Resources Search, New Guides & MySQL Database Upgrade

Last week, we focused on writing guides, improving the developer experience with new table search across all resources tables (services, addons, jobs, roles, registries) and released upgrades for MySQL. It’s also an exciting opportunity for us to start offering a Student Developer Pack.

Improvements & changes

  • Added new guides to deploy Create React App, Strapi with PostgreSQL & Volumes, Strapi with PostgreSQL & S3, Ghost CMS and Payload CMS on Northflank
  • Introduced Northflank student developer pack
  • Added a search onto table headers so you can easily find your services, jobs, databases and more
  • Released Redis v6.2.6 (minor) and MySQL v8.0.27 (minor)
  • Redesigned and improved platform alert popups which now appear in the bottom centre
  • Improved SSO login & job run error messages
  • Hovering over environment variables or connection strings now expands their value
  • Fixed an issue where completed jobs would show as running in some edge cases
  • Fixed an issue where some repositories appeared twice in the service repo dropdown
  • Fixed Dockerfile fetching for Bitbucket repositories in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where a build wouldn’t trigger automatically on creating a new branch in Bitbucket

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