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28th February 2022

Updated API, CLI & Documentation

This week we are introducing some improvements to the Northflank API & CLI together with updated documentation and several other new features.


  • Released JS client v0.5.5 and CLI v0.7.5
  • Added docker image and cmdOverride settings on job run trigger
  • Added build argument overrides for job and service build endpoints
  • Fixed cmdOverride to be unified under cmdOverride inside deployment on jobs and services
  • Added environment-arguments secret group type to API for runtime and buildtime inheritance
  • Added useCache on API creation for build and combined services
  • Fixed create secret API endpoint returning duplicate error incorrectly

Other features & fixes

  • Added ANSI escape sequence formatting on logs
  • Updated documentation with new content such as Persistent Volumes
  • Addon dashboard now clearly shows whether it is exposed publicly or not
  • Jobs now require to specify a branch of the selected build service
  • Fixed documentation tables overflowing on mobile devices
  • Fixed handling of branch names that required URL encoding
  • Fixed an issue where billing emails wouldn’t include the PDF invoice as an attachment

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