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7th March 2022

Parallel builds for same SHA, unicode branches and PRs & flexible job source

Welcome to another Northflank changelog, this week we're happy to dedicate it to our continued focus on platform stability and reliability.

Features & fixes

  • Enabled parallel builds for the same commit, branch or PR
  • Hovering over environment keys now shows their full name
  • Jobs can now be created without a configured deployment source
  • Added support for displaying unicode characters in branch and PR names
  • Fixed some documentation links leading to 404 errors
  • Fixed an issue with password prompts on registry credentials
  • Fixed an issue where API would return error 500 on bad command override
  • Fixed Redis connection strings not working in the Redis CLI
  • Fixed an issue with accessing health checks of jobs in certain scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where Login with Google would sometimes take a long time to load
  • Added a section on configuring persistent volumes to the Deploy Ghost guide

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