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28th March 2022

Introducing ConfigMap and Secret Files

Today we are pleased to introduce secret files on Northflank. For Kubernetes users this capability is known as ConfigMaps, Docker users as volume -v ./config.yaml:/var/application/config.yaml and PaaS users as secret files. Ensuring compatibility with these three different use-cases was essential. Users will be able to use secret files in their workflows alongside secret groups, environment variables in deployments and builds seamlessly.

Secret Files

  • Allow writing of files to specific paths in your runtime container or build process
  • Encrypted at rest and injected at runtime with environment variables
  • Has access to variable templating enabling inheritance of other environment values or connection strings

Use Cases:

  • You need to configure a third party docker image via config files located at specific paths
  • You need to create text based configuration files like .json, .html, .css, .yaml to power software like nginx, kong, supabase and more
  • You need to add a certificate file or complex secret that cannot be handled via an environment variable
  • Create manifest files with build or runtime variable configuration



  • PR numbers in responses are now returned as integers in line with the response schema

Features & fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where two builds could be triggered at once on initial creation from template
  • Links in the instance log feed are now marked up

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