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31st January 2022

Auto Trigger Job Runs on Source Changes

Working with multiple microservices, dependent jobs and databases can be complex. Today Northflank takes another step to simplifying rolling out interdependent workloads, migrations and workflows. It is now possible to automatically trigger jobs (either cron or manual) via source triggers. Trigger a job run when the source deployment images changes:

  • On build completion with continuous integration and delivery
  • On promotion through a pipeline stage
  • On selection of a new build source to run

New blog posts & guides

Other improvements & fixes

  • Improved job runs messaging to display if job run terminated due to a time limit
  • Improved Buildpacks to always pull latest stack version
  • Fixed an issue with some log live tail queries
  • Fixed an issue with verifying some public GitHub registry images
  • Several frontend improvements with responsiveness and accessibility

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