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14th February 2022

Slack, Discord and Webhook Notifications

We are excited to release notifications and alerting in today's changelog. Enable notifications in your account settings with support for Slack, Discord and webhooks. Once enabled, alerts for builds, jobs and billing will be dispatched on success and failure.

Configure fine-grained event types and project scope for each integration. Quickly gain greater observability into how your deployments are performing as collaborators trigger builds and job runs.

Slack and Discord support is quick and familiar to set up. If you need something more advanced, webhooks will enable greater flexibility. For example, create a ticket in your bug tracking software upon a build failure or use the Northflank API to automatically upload a database backup to an S3 bucket when a job succeeds.

Read more about webhooks and see an example schema in our documentation.

Notifications UI


  • Released CLI v0.7.3 and JSclient v0.5.3
  • Creating a combined service now also returns the initial build ID
  • Service creation endpoints now support attaching a custom domain and specifying command override
  • Added a new get build endpoint for jobs and services to retrieve details about a specific build

Other features & fixes

  • Published guides for Deno, Flask and nginx
  • Improved the onboarding experience after signup and when creating the first project
  • Help popovers are now clearer in the explanations
  • Released an upgraded MinIO admin console interface
  • Fixed GitLab integration fetching branch data incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the platform wouldn’t always load correctly in Safari browsers

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