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17th January 2022

Environment and Secret Templating

We are excited to release dynamic environment and secret templating. This enables developers to generate environment variables from multiple sources including defined variables and inherited secrets from managed databases. A good example is when your code requires a slightly different connection string or when you need to set a custom option as seen in the example below.


Templating has been added as a tooltip for table view and inline edit modes, and as a Monaco editor component for JSON, and .env. All UX flows have smart auto-completion to search across all available keys and aliases, allowing you to reference inherited values.




  • Adds support for branch switching to API
  • Fixed issue where service creation endpoints could fail to find a provided GitHub repository for certain configurations of GitHub links
  • Fixed issue where creating a service through the API with a newly created repository could fail to build automatically when commits were made


  • Added path ignore rule documentation
  • Added multiple VCS account linking guide
  • Added documentation for specific DBaaS (Redis, Postgres, MongoDB, Minio and MySQL)
  • Updated secret group for new default runtime and buildtime secret group type
  • Fixed typo in JS header

Other features & fixes

  • Added specific RBAC permissions for viewing and configuring Tax ID status via the UI
  • Improved dashboard list items and alignment for consistent readability
  • Improved retry logic during multiple stages inside a Kaniko build
  • Improved resume action in addon lists to be more consistent with real-time state
  • Fixed external docker image verification when providing a custom image digest
  • Fixed rendering of custom container entrypoint if items are greater than one
  • Fixed when build engine options could be reset or overridden in certain circumstances

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