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10th January 2022

Persistent Volumes and Storage for Deployments

We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break and wish you a successful & healthy New Year!

We at Northflank kept ourselves busy shipping more features and bug fixes. Today, we’re announcing a highly requested feature - persistent container volumes.

Volumes are great for persisting data across service restarts and we make them incredibly simple and highly performant. For example, deploying container images from DockerHub such as clickhouse, materialized and meilisearch where persistance is as simple as adding a new volume to their data directory.

Northflank has developed DBaaS experiences for several databases, for those we have not reached yet, volumes and external images are the next best workflow.

  • Multiple volumes can be attached to the same service
  • Volumes can have multiple container mount locations
  • Volumes can be detached/attached and moved between different services
  • Volumes can be configured for deployment and combined services


  • Released JS client v0.5.0 and CLI v0.7.0
  • JS client (v0.5.0): improved support for CommonJS and ESM which allows optimal compatibility for different Node.js versions and configurations
  • Removed default export of ApiClient in JS client so it can now be imported using import { ApiClient, ApiClientInMemoryContextProvider } from '@northflank/js-client';
  • Volumes and path ignore rule endpoints are integrated in JS client and CLI
  • CLI (v0.7.0): fixed dynamic selector for plans and error messages for forwarding

Other features & fixes

  • Added a random encryption key generator to secrets where you input the desired length and your base64 key will get auto-generated
  • Added an autocomplete for address selectors
  • Updated NextJS and Gatsby templates to newer versions
  • Improved the performance of database backups and restores
  • Improved mobile view responsiveness on VCS dropdown
  • Fixed incorrect confirmation modal buttons and messages
  • Fixed port option selectors where multiple health checks are used
  • Fixed an issue where secret groups could contain blank values
  • Fixed help and feedback not clickable on mobile devices
  • Fixed real-time rendering of health check status details on the container list

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