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6th December 2021

Build Caching for Docker Container Builds

Northflank is pleased to introduce build caching for Docker container builds. Caching speeds up subsequent builds by reusing image layers from previous builds, allowing you to release and iterate faster. Build times can be reduced dramatically by skipping build steps that would produce the same output as in previous builds. Typical examples of build steps that would benefit from caching are download and compilation of dependencies.

  • Uses the previous build image as a cache
  • Image layers are cached per service allowing build services to use the same cache for all PRs and branches of a repository
  • Caching is supported for the Kaniko and Buildpack backends
  • Implemented with Kaniko’s and Buildpack’s native caching capabilities
  • Distributed build caching, high performance, scalable and backed by Northflank’s global container registry
NameLanguageBuild without cacheBuild time with cache
rancher/k3dGo7m 28s3m 37s
coredns/corednsGo8m 29s3m 31s
micro/microGo9m 52s5m 19s
scalacenter/docker-scalaScala13m 40s5m 32s
northflank-examples/php-laravel-examplePHP3m 26s1m 9s
northflank-examples/create-react-app-exampleJavaScript5m 40s2m 32s


  • Unified response date types across the API and CLI
  • API now returns resource status on get service endpoint
  • Added IP Policies for addons to documentation

Other features & fixes

  • You can now modify the Git source repository on combined services and jobs, whilst maintaining the ability to roll back to previous builds. This enhances previously announced branch source switching.
  • Added support to download PDF invoices
  • Improved billing dashboard to support adding a VAT ID and address
  • Added documentation on how to write Dockerfiles for build caching
  • Added documentation for addon upgrades
  • Updated Buildkit documentation to include adding a git URL (in addition to the CNB registry)
  • Updated documentation for authenticating GitHub Container Registry
  • Fixed an issue where the project dashboard wouldn’t show all addons in certain scenarios
  • Fixed notification text on Continuous Deployment toggle
  • Fixed an issue where adding CMD override wouldn’t show on the dashboard immediately

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