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13th December 2021

Improved Health Checks and Networking

We have been working hard on building tooling to alleviate the limitations of Kubernetes health-checks, Kubernetes endpoint slices and Istio. This increases the reliability during blue green deployments, free service continuous deployment and correctness of health-check routing for start-up, readiness and liveness probes.

Northflank has developed a Kubernetes admission controller to enable graceful termination of user workloads by forcing DNS propagation before service termination - allowing in-progress requests to complete and preventing new requests to soon-to-be terminated containers, solely routing to healthy containers.

Northflank’s service mesh will auto-retry three times before failing a request to maintain service uptime during redeployments. We have identified a number of factors that could interfere with request routing:

  • Avoid transient failures - a client should not perceive a failed request if a service was momentarily unavailable.
  • Expect race conditions occurring in Kubernetes state vs DNS configuration - this often could be just a few milliseconds.
  • Workload stability - load-balance retries across available workload instances.

Further UX improvements have been made:

  • Improved real-time health check propagation via Prometheus metrics into the Northflank UI
  • When configuring an HTTP liveness probe a readiness probe will automatically be generated
  • New health checks descriptions:
    • Readiness Probe - ensures a new container is ready to serve traffic before terminating an old container and handling new requests
    • Liveness Probe - will restart containers that are failing checks
    • Startup Probe - will delay readiness and liveness probes until checks are passed

Health Checks Advanced

Other features & fixes

  • Introduced a new instance selector that is now applied across the whole UI
  • Added a new secret group type Build & Environment which is fetched both during build and deployment phases
  • Fixed an issue where very large repositories would take a long time to build
  • Fixed an issue where an empty project dashboard would render strangely on Safari
  • Fixed an issue where API endpoint assign service to subdomain would error
  • Fixed an issue where full DNS entry on Networking would not display service name as slug
  • Fixed an issue where heroku/buildpacks:20 with PHP and Laravel would not run due to an error with permissions
  • Improved changing ports and custom domains RBAC
  • Fixed rendering of the team member role selector
  • Fixed rendering custom CMD override if quotes were used in the command

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