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1st November 2021

Support for all Custom Buildpacks with Git Source

It is now possible to build and run continuous integration on Northflank with any custom buildpack that can be supplied via a Git repository. Buildpacks are not always available in the CNB registries and being able to target a branch, release or a forked buildpack is very powerful! This feature builds on our recent release of buildpack support announced here.

Other features & fixes

  • Added search to the team selector popover
  • Public repositories can now be deployed even without having a linked Git account
  • The build list on jobs now shows a deployed icon on a currently deployed build
  • Improved responsiveness of the invoice page table
  • API: Update job deployment endpoint now accepts internal build services
  • Fixed Ports & DNS form returning an error on custom domain & security rules in some edge cases
  • Fixed an issue where promoting services/jobs without successful builds caused pipeline links to get stuck at promotion
  • Fixed an issue where two clicks were required to switch deployment types in creation forms under certain circumstances

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