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18th October 2021

Support for Public Repositories

Introducing public Git repository support. Simply paste any Git repository URL during creation to build and deploy in minutes. This means you can deploy any repository (public or private) from all version control platforms on Northflank regardless if the relevant App, OAuth or Webhooks have been set up.

Here's an example of deploying the minio repository with configured CMD override:

API changes

  • Improved error message if a specified branch doesn’t exist
  • Fixed URL schema not being correctly converted to OpenAPI specs
  • Build settings object of either Dockerfile or Buildpack is now a required field
  • Build endpoint now fetches and builds the latest commit if no commit SHA is specified

Other features & fixes

  • Improved the visual appearance of build options, health checks and service search in pipelines
  • Billing emails now explicitly say if the amount was paid or carried over to the next period
  • Service header icon now stays consistent with the build or container status
  • Fixed linking addons to a secret group on new creation forms
  • Fixed an issue where you could input multiple variables with the same key on new creation forms
  • Fixed an issue where realtime container lists would be rendered inconsistently
  • Fixed an issue where updating a Dockerfile via the Northflank UI wouldn’t trigger a new build on repositories from self-hosted GitLab
  • Fixed an issue where certain builds could not be deployed if the service branch was changed
  • Fixed an issue where the Import backup button would stay disabled if there was an error importing the addon backup
  • Fixed an issue where secret groups could not be favorited from the project dashboard
  • Fixed some instances where long texts in components would overflow

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