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30th August 2021

New API Endpoints and Improved Jobs UI

We are introducing a number of new endpoints available in the API and CLI as well as the JS client:

  • Update network settings updates the addon TLS and External Access settings as announced last week
  • Update security rules configures addon IP policy rules
  • Get addon version details lists available upgrades and upgrade history
  • Upgrade addon version upgrades an addon to a specified new version

The jobs UI was improved to give a clearer overview of all your jobs and their statuses, as well as show useful notifications and confirmation modals:

  • Cron expressions now have labels showing them in human readable formats, such as Every 5 minutes or At 30 minutes past the hour
  • Jobs data grid shows real-time deployment source, status, rules (such as deploying latest commits and builds) and whether the job is active or paused with explanations on hover
  • Added confirmation modals for triggering job runs as well as pausing and re-activating a cron job
  • Cron job dashboards now show a notification with a button to resume job scheduling if it is currently paused

Other features & fixes

  • Added a createdAt field to the API response for addons, services and jobs
  • Improved loading of job runs to be faster
  • Improved loading of containers to be faster
  • Service creation progress tracker now always sticks to the top to give you an overview of your configuration
  • Fixed an issue where builds would not be found if a repository was renamed
  • Fixed an issue where Create new dropdown menu would display unrelated items under On this page
  • Fixed an issue where secret groups diff editor would suggest viewing differences after initial creation
  • Fixed an issue where an addon backup could not be restored straight after another restore without refreshing the page

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