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12th July 2021

Platform Feedback, Improved Addon Inheritance

We added a feedback form to the UI which you can use to share feedback, suggestions or any issues. You can also upload attachments such as screenshots or screen recordings.

The addon connection details inheritance was improved to prevent adding duplicate aliases and the UI now displays all aliases in a nested way, so it becomes clearer which key names are used for which connection detail.

Addon Connection Details Inheritance

Other features & fixes

  • Improved automatic port detection to detect ports declared as variables in the Dockerfile
  • Fixed an issue where updating port configuration would trigger two restarts
  • Fixed an issue where addon connection details wouldn't get inherited if other projects used the same addon name
  • Fixed an issue where the image settings page would crash after inputting quotes in the CMD override
  • Fixed an issue where pressing enter on some forms would disregard changes rather than saving
  • Fixed an issue where a service couldn't be created after switching between service types
  • Fixed a validation issue of the environment editor after removing invalid fields
  • Fixed issues with validating and switching external registry providers after they have been configured
  • Fixed Dockerfile validation preventing from creating service if Dockerfile was originally missing
  • Fixed job run durations displaying wrong timestamps for the first couple of seconds

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