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5th July 2021

High Availability Addons for Databases and Storage

We are excited to announce Northflank Addons are now available to all users and teams in supported regions. Deploy highly available persistent workloads such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, and MinIO in seconds.

Northflank Addons is our DBaaS solution, bringing a consistent and comprehensive operator pattern across multiple popular databases and object stores to any Kubernetes cluster. Create, backup, scale, secure and observe stateful workloads via UI, CLI or programmatically via our API or Javascript Client.

// example code snippet provisioning a stateful MySQL workload
// with 1 replica using @northflank/js-client

const myAddon = await apiClient.create.addon({
  project: "my-amazing-project",
  payload: {
    name: "my-amazing-database",
    description: "my amazing database for my amazing project",
    type: "mysql",
    externalAccessEnabled: true,
    tlsEnabled: true,
    version: "8.0.25",
    billing: {
      deploymentPlan: "nf-compute-100",
      replicas: 1,
      storage: 1024,
  • Provision database read and write replicas in seconds
  • Select from a range of supported versions
  • Cost-effective vertical and horizontal scaling
  • Low latency internal networking with your micro-services and applications
  • Secure internal network isolation within your Northflank project
  • Easily provision with TLS for secure network traffic
  • Monitor and observe all addon containers via logs and metrics
  • Scale storage size rapidly so you never run out of disk space
  • Link addon connection details to secret groups for automatic inheritance of environment variables into jobs and services as announced here
  • Backup via UI or API and restore your databases from a Northflank backup or an external source
  • Manage and interact with addons via the Northflank API and CLI
  • Securely access databases on your development machines via northflank forward

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