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7th May 2021

Managed Addon Connection Details Inheritance

Secret groups can now inherit environment variables from your addons. This enables easy and safe access to connection details in services and jobs without the need for error-prone manual copy and paste. Addon variables can be linked to a secret group via the UI on both the addon and secret group pages.

  • Control which connection details get injected into your runtime from a list of available variables
  • Northflank suggests default variables to inherit if you're not sure which ones to select
  • You can define additional aliases for each variable to match your software requirements
  • On your services and jobs, you are able to see all inherited environment variables and which ones take effect
  • Control the order of inheritance between conflicting keys by defining a priority per secret group
  • Variables defined on a service or job level always take priority over inherited values (the UI also shows a warning to prevent accidental overrides)
  • Fine-grained control on which services and jobs will the inheritance apply

Other features & fixes

  • Updated addon offerings to the latest versions
  • Fixed an issue where connections between services in the pipeline view wouldn't update during promotion
  • Fixed an issue where VCS source wouldn't load on the 'edit deployment' modal for self-hosted services
  • Fixed an issue where the environment editor would convert arrays into objects

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