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7th June 2021

Profile Settings & Docker Credentials

Users and teams can now edit profiles and upload avatars on a newly designed profile page. It also displays any account limits such as the number of free services, instances per service or parallel builds.

The user experience of adding new Docker credentials for external registries has been enhanced, allowing you to get started with GitHub Container Registry (ghcr.io), GitLab Container Registry, Google Container Registry (GCR) and Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) within seconds. The image path is automatically validated and relevant meta information is displayed.

Editing deployment image

Other features & fixes

  • Made the PRs and branches list consistent across the UI
  • Team members page now shows when each member joined the team
  • Fixed several UI issues causing strange behaviours on 13" screens
  • Fixed an issue where secret name duplicates would be detected across the whole account rather than just projects

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