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28th June 2021

Increased Observability

You are now able to tail and search logs across all containers within a Northflank service, job, build or addon. This levels up observability when deploying and debugging in a highly available production environment and applies to:

  • Logs from containers deployed in a service
  • Logs from CI tracking build progress across parallel builds
  • Logs from parallel job runs triggered via cron schedule or API trigger
  • Logs from database masters and replicas
  • Logs from terminal or running containers (up to 30 days of retention)
  • Logs from backups and restores

Due to increased load on our logging backend, we have implemented a fallback when WebSockets are exhausted. If Northflank is unable to establish a real-time connection to the queried log stream, it creates a static HTTP query & returns the relevant log messages, putting your client into an offline state.

You will always be able to retrieve logs irrespective of load on our real-time logging infrastructure, and you can attempt to reconnect to the real-time stream via a button in the UI.

Other features & fixes

  • Addons header now show status, containers and meta information
  • Addon connection details inheritance now prevents setting duplicate names
  • Added addon port to the connection details
  • Added real-time updates to the project list when permissions are changed
  • Jobs with external deployments can now be created even without a linked Git account
  • Improved the UI of build deployment modals inside Pipelines
  • Fixed Northflank logo not loading on template repositories
  • Fixed a bug where service couldn't be created after deleting a custom port configuration
  • Fixed several line breaks and now showing abbreviated names of branches and PRs if they're too long
  • Fixed an issue where API Templates couldn't be deleted
  • Fixed favouriting container registry credentials

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