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21st May 2021

Support for UDP Port Forward via the CLI

Northflank CLI now supports UDP port forwarding in addition to existing TCP & HTTP protocols. This enables secure forwarding of UDP traffic running within your project firewall to your local machine. UDP traffic is essential for real-time communication, media and game servers, VoIP, DNS and many other applications.

This unique capability has been added in conjunction with wide-ranging security and runtime improvements, prompting us to migrate from Kubernetes API port-forward due to its limitations in only supporting TCP traffic. In summary, Northflank can power many more applications, furthering our mission to deliver a sandbox of developer tools that get out of your way.

Other features & fixes

  • Cron jobs UI now shows a warning if the job is paused
  • Form headers are now consistent across different views
  • Advanced options inside forms are now hidden in a dropdown by default
  • The modal to link self-hosted VCS was changed to be on its own page, rather than a popup modal
  • Fixed an issue where invalid credentials could be saved
  • Fixed an issue where the online status of other team members wouldn't show correctly sometimes

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