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28th May 2021

Enhanced Services & Jobs DX

  • Create deployment services without a linked Git account - this is handy when you only want to deploy images from external registries
  • Service creation now informs you if there are any missing or invalid fields for networking and ports
  • Domains in service headers now update in real-time if port names change
  • Custom domains show detailed errors and warnings if validation fails whilst configuring new domains or subdomains
  • Individual job runs can now be cancelled either via the UI or API

Other fixes

  • Fixed wrapping long branch names in pipelines
  • Fixed the team selector showing an empty space if there was only one team
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't edit a GitHub installation if linked to a personal account
  • Fixed an issue where a combined job wouldn't display its repository in the resource data grid
  • Fixed an issue comparing local & remote changes via the diff editor displaying some incorrect fields in project secrets

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