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30th April 2021

Real-time Git Integration

We improved our integration with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket to show updates in real-time as you commit your files, update your branches and manage pull requests. The UI automatically reflects any changes you make, such as changing a branch name or closing a PR.

Real-time Git integration rapidly improves the speed and performance of the UI and pages are still accessible even during Git outages and respect the permissions of the Git providers (e.g. revoking access to a repository will prevent new data from being ingested or viewable for removed accounts).

Other features & fixes

  • Added an infobox to the billing dashboard that shows warnings for expiring cards and overdue invoices
  • Extended support for additional syntaxes for automatic port detection
  • Networking rules for deleted/renamed service ports are now removed immediately
  • Fixed an issue where a cursor and copy highlights wouldn't show on code editors
  • Fixed an issue where an error would sometimes show for correctly formatted JSON in environment editors
  • Fixed an issue where empty keyfiles would be accepted when creating environment credentials

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