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23rd April 2021

Moving Domains Between Regions & Deployment Improvements

You can now easily switch domains between services deployed in different regions without having to update your DNS records with your provider. Once your domain is linked to Northflank, you have the full control to move it across services & regions. All traffic gets redirected to the new region automatically.

We also made it easier to deploy specific commits from a builder onto a scheduled job, which now matches the experience with deployment services. You can use the Build Selection modal to select a specific build or commit from a branch/pull request.

Other features & fixes

  • Improved syncing between Kubernetes clusters and the Northflank control plane, increasing reliability and enabling automatic incident recovery for event streams
  • Added the ability to delete individual pods via the UI
  • Free services will now only have at most one running pod rather than completing a full rollout restart
  • Environment editor pages now display a warning if they are open in multiple tabs and allow you to compare changes between versions
  • Job run view page meta information is now displayed in a reactive manner
  • Optimised performance of Northflank’s multiplayer experience to reduce overly eager React re-renders which caused issues when a larger number of active tabs were in use
  • Fixed inconsistent websocket load-balancing in the UI when using the Brave browser. Thanks @Ben!
  • Fixed an issue where successful build and promotion events would trigger two parallel deployments in certain circumstances, this resulted in excess containers for a short time and increased duration of a completed deployment

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