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9th April 2021

Onboarding Achievements & Other Features

We redesigned the user and team dashboards to include account achievement steps, which guide developers to link their Git accounts, create projects and services, add pipelines and domains, as well as invite team members with various permissions.

Other features

  • Added links to documentation, changelog and feedback within the platform
  • Added global messaging for version control linking
  • Added support for ${} syntax for port variables in Dockerfiles
  • Added connection details for Minio and Redis with example CLI commands
  • Increased support for APEX or flattened CNAMEs that are actually subdomains
  • Improved colours, contrast and code editors across all themes to make the appearance consistent


  • Increased number of retries when environment fetching is unavailable
  • Fixed permissions for listing API key templates that the user can access
  • Fixed DockerHub and Quay pull rate limits
  • Fixed an issue where addon would move from 'deleting' to 'failed'
  • Fixed an issue with listing branches from self-hosted VCS

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