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19th March 2021

Northflank Themes

Customise your Northflank experience to match your IDE or preferred colour style. We are pleased to introduce Light, Blackout, Solarized Light, Solarized Dark and Dracula (JetBrains IDE) in addition to the default Northflank theme.

Other popular themes will be added over the coming months as we gather user feedback. Let us know if there are any specific ones you would like to see.

You can change your theme in user account settings, it applies in real-time to all your open Northflank tabs on all devices (including mobile) and will also affect your view across teams.

Other features & fixes

  • Improved platform notifications to be more consistent and user friendly
  • Fixed an issue where addons backups list wouldn't show if all backups were deleted
  • Fixed an issue where creating a Docker credential secret would redirect back to the credentials list instead of the newly created secret
  • Fixed an issue where the commit list wouldn't update redeployment buttons on the deployed commit in certain scenarios

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