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12th March 2021

Custom Docker Registries & RBAC

Custom Docker Registries

You can now deploy images from any custom Docker registry on Northflank, no longer restricting you to GitHub, GitLab, Docker Hub and Google Container Registry.

  • Bring your self-hosted registries and conveniently store credentials on Northflank for secure and rapid access
  • Automatic detection of public/private visibility & registry authentication scheme, and login with username & password or .docker.config

Fine-Grained RBAC

We have redesigned the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for teams and APIs.

  • Teams can create varying permissions and apply them to specific projects or team members as required
  • Permissions update in real-time across the Northflank UI, removing or adding relevant components dynamically
  • RBAC provides fine-grained security for you and your team across the Northflank UI, API and CLI
  • RBAC also applies to the 'northflank forward' CLI command, giving you control of which services and addons can be forwarded for local development


Other features & fixes

  • Team owners can now transfer ownership to another team member
  • Jobs (cron or manual trigger) can now be created with a Northflank build service as the deployment source
  • Moved 'Recent builds' card higher in the dashboard for instant observability
  • Addons 'redeploy' and 'pause' buttons are now only enabled if the addon is running or scaling
  • Fixed an issue causing some build rules validations to fail

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